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Food Packaging

Food processing companies have many challenges when it comes to printing on the packaging.

There are compliance issues to take into account, such as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) traceability requirements as well as the need to ensure consumers are provided with accurate, easy to read, date codes and nutritional information. To make things more interesting, the environment in food packaging plants is often cold and wet - not an easy place for printing equipment.

For companies packaging food products such as meats/proteins using horizontal form filling seal packaging machines, Greydon printing equipment can be the perfect solution.

Greydon printers can print date codes, barcodes, nutrition information, allergen statements, as well as any other printed information that might be required.

Greydon products are designed to be integrated with any of the horizontal form fill and seal machines that are on the market today. This includes Multivac, Tiromat, Reiser, Colimatic, Ulma and Ossid.

The product line is extensive, from simple reciprocating ink printers to HP-based thermal inkjet printers and thermal transfer printers. In addition, Greydon's Genesis digital inkjet printing machines are able to print the complete package with full color graphics.

Knowing that conditions can be tough for packaging and printing equipment in the food industry, Greydon equipment can be winterized. This involves sealing the equipment against cold temperatures and wet conditions, in some cases making the product easy to remove from the wet area during washdown.

Please be sure to contact us for more information on how Greydon printing equipment can enhance your food packaging operations.