Food Packaging

Printing Systems for Coding, Information, or Traceability on Meat and Other Food Packaging

Greydon provides solutions for adding variable information to food packaging – in some cases, printing the complete package.

There are compliance issues to consider, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), traceability requirements, and the need to ensure consumers are provided with accurate, easy-to-read, date codes and nutritional information. To make things more interesting, the environment in food packaging plants is often cold and wet - not an easy place for printing equipment.

Common challenges include:

  • Incorporating late-stage customization with 1, 2, or full color printing.
  • Operate equipment in high-speed lines without sacrificing throughput.
  • Reduction of inventory of preprinted packaging materials.
  • Adding multiple production codes on multilane packaging machines, simultaneously.

For companies that need protein packaging printers to integrate with their horizontal form-fill-seal machines, Greydon printing equipment can be the perfect solution.

Greydon printers can print date codes, barcodes, nutrition information, allergen statements, as well as any other printed information that might be required.

As well printing system, Greydon also manufactures traversing systems, designed to use inkjet printheads to print multiple packages across the web in one pass

Greydon equipment can be winterized to meet the tough standards that are needed with food packaging printers. This involves sealing the equipment against cold temperatures and wet conditions, in some cases making the product easy to remove from the wet area during washdown.

Applications Include:
  • Printing of variable date and production codes on flexible packaging.
  • Adding secondary print such as nutritional panels, product information and ingredients to generic printed packaging.
  • Labeling products, cartons and bundles
  • Date and traceability coding
  • Traversing systems for moving inkjet printers to print multiple packages in one machine cycle.
  • Integration of printers with flexible packaging equipment.
  • Off-line digital printing of cartons, sleeves and cards.
  • Washdown solutions for harsh environments.

Our continued innovation and expertise, as well as an understanding of the important issues food processors face, allow us to offer products and solutions to meet your specific needs.

Printing Solutions for Food Processors

Digital Printing Systems

Greydon's Genesis Variis digital printing system is an excellent solution for adding variable information such as date/lot codes, barcodes, nutrition information and more to cartons and cards.

Variis can print in one or two colors and can also be configured with full CMYK color print capability.

The Variis concept allows you to purchase generic materials, printed with information that doesn't change and add all the product-specific information right at the time you need it. A true late-stage customization solution.

Traversing Systems

If you package your products on multilane packaging machines, you often need to add production codes to multiple products at the same time.

Greydon's traversing systems allow you to use a minimum number of inkjet printheads (continuous or thermal inkjet technologies are supported) and move them across the web while printing.

The traversing system can be used to print the web before the package is formed or when the packages are complete, just before leaving the packaging machine.

Thermal Transfer Printers