Traversing Inkjet System GB-602/642

The GB-602/642 is an efficient, innovative, Traversing Ink Jet System for in-line printing directly onto your package. Utilizing single or dual inkjet print heads, these Head Motions Systems automatically print multiple rows of packages in both web directions: with the web, across the web or a combination of both. It’s the perfect solution for all multi-lane applications. Fully programmable, these printing systems have the capabilities to print Bar codes, lot numbers and time date serialization. With the ability to print up to 5 lines of type with a single print head the inkjet solution offers a great variety of print options to meet your particular need.

Up to eight lines of type with a single printhead

  • Ultra high-speed capabilities
  • Applicable to virtually any substrate
  • Retrofits to all horizontal form fill and seal packaging machines
  • Capable of printing inline or across the web
  • Fully programmable for packaging machine tooling changes
  • Time code, cavity identification, bar codes, serialization
  • Suitable for all multi-row packaging applications
  • Capable of printing on both the forming and non-forming webs
  • Uses single or dual head printers