Flexographic In-Line Printer UVMax™

UVMax™ is a flexographic printing system, designed to integrate with blister packaging equipment.

UVMax allows the use of unprinted materials, removing the need to source and manage pre-printed items allowing for fast response to changes in the print copy, and enabling lean manufacturing processes.

The fixed information is printed using flexo technology and a thermal inkjet printer (TIJ) is included to add variable information, such as date/lot codes and DSCSA serialization barcodes.

Both flexo and TIJ inks are UV cured, providing complete control of the curing process and very durable prints.

  • Designed to add in-line printing capability to blister packaging machines.
  • Prints static product and regulatory data as well as variable codes, producing a finished compliant package every time.
  • Stand-alone operation or fully integrated into parent machine.
  • Flexo print plates are sleeve type for quick change over and are keyed for accurate location - reducing setup time.
  • Simple web threading process.
  • Servo-controlled, vacuum drum web drive with Greydon’s industry-leading web management, ensures accurate print positioning and reduced stretching of materials.
  • UVMAX UV- spot color inks, cured with best-in-class energy-efficient UV LED lamps with up to 40,000-hour lifecycle.
  • Quick change (no tools are needed) ink and anilox roller assemblies, for fast color changes.