Digital Printer Genesis

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The Perfect, High-Speed Solution for

Printing Package Graphics Directly onto

Packaging Substrates.

This compact, all-in-one, stainless steel system prints at the highest resolutions while keeping pace with the industry’s fastest packaging machines. Traversing and inline printing capabilities, versatile mounting options and scalable design allows for a seamless integration in every application.

The Genesis provides excellent print quality on a range of packaging substrates. Designed to print the complete package, manufacturers can eliminate or dramatically reduce the need to manage pre-printed materials for every item (SKU). This reduces cost, complexity and lead times.

Fully digital workflow with no printing plates required means Genesis is an excellent solution when there are multiple SKUs and short runs – reducing changeover time and increasing OEE.

Genesis provides optimum printing on every horizontal packaging machine or blister machine. Genesis interfaces with serialization and manufacturing software to ensure complete UDI and DSCSA compliance – compatible with both GS1 and HIBCC standards. With Windows and PostScript driver options, Genesis can handle multiple types of files for maximum flexibility.

Consistent curing of the UV activated inks is essential and the patented XactCure™ system by Greydon monitors all the printing variables and keeps your process safe.

Top Features

  • XactCure™
  • PostScript Driver
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Single Color, Two Color, and Full Color (CMYK) configurations
  • All Stainless, Modular, Compact Footprint

Together with our 30+ years’ experience in the printing industry, Genesis is the perfect answer for your most demanding application. Problem solved.