Digital Printer - Genesis

The Genesis digital printer provides excellent print quality on a range of packaging substrates. Designed to print the complete package, manufacturers can eliminate or dramatically reduce the need to manage pre-printed materials for every item (SKU). This reduces cost, complexity and lead times.

Genesis is a digital inkjet printer designed to print on practically every substrate (paper, film or Tyvek®) at very high resolution and high speed. Genesis is designed primarily for horizontal form fill and seal packaging machines as well as blister pack machines. Its scalable design allows it to fit perfectly in every application ranging in print widths of 70mm up to 570mm.

Fully digital workflow with no printing plates required, means Genesis is an excellent solution when there are multiple SKUs and short runs – reducing changeover time and increasing OEE.

XactCure™ is a top of the line feature offered with the Genesis, preventing ink migration and cracking. This process is integrated into the Genesis printer to control and record every aspect of the curing process, taking all the variables into account for perfect curing process control.

Innovative technical solutions greatly improve the Genesis reliability and lower the maintenance costs. Even the ink supply can be restored while the printer is operating, reducing the production line downtime.

Custom plate mounting design for traversing model allow stacking multiple printheads in the same row, thus increasing the print height, or stack more rows to allow multiple color management. In static model this allow increased print width or more "color bars" (up to 4).

Greydon uses state of the art equipment currently on the market for printing technology in both hardware and software, such as the most advanced printheads as well as energy efficient LED UV curing lamps to obtain exactly the same quality result on paper, Tyvek® and film. Together with our 30+ years’ experience in the printing industry make Genesis the perfect answer for your most demanding application. Problem solved.

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