Digital and Flexographic Inks

Greydon's inks for digital and flexographic printing systems

Greydon has a full line of flexographic water and solvent-based inks in various PMS colors. These are formulated for superior adhesion to a range of substrates. We also offer thinners, modifiers and cleaners.

Greydon inks are specially formulated to provide the best possible print quality.

Our portfolio includes:

  • UV-cured inks for digital printers, in standard CMYK colors and also spot PMS colors.
  • Oil-based inked for digital printers, formulated for use on porous materials.
  • Water-based flexographic inks for porous materials
  • UV-cured flexographic inks for both non-porous and porous materials
  • Ink pads for Greydon date coders

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