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Pharmaceutical Industry

The heavily regulated pharmaceutical has standards for printing product information, barcodes and date/lot codes onto packaging.

For products that are packaged using horizontal packaging equipment, such as blister packaging lines and form, fill and seal machine, Greydon has some exceptional solutions for high quality printing and for FDA and Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance.

Greydon printing systems are designed to print onto flexible packaging and for the pharmaceutical industry generally are used for two main tasks, printing variable data such as date/lot codes and serialization barcodes or for printing the complete package.

Greydon Technologies for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Flexo Printing

Greydon's flexo printing systems the MicroMax and the BlackMax are designed to be able to print the complete package on blister and other horizontal packaging machines.

Flexographic printing uses flexible printing plates and can produce exceptionally high print quality. Flexo printing can eliminate the need to manage inventories of pre-printed foils and films for your products.

Variable data is added to the package using a secondary digital printer - depending on the application this might be one of our HP based inked printers, a Citronix CIJ printer, or a thermal transfer printer.

Genesis Digital Printing

Genesis is a digital printing platform that provides a printing solution for applications with frequent product changes.

Genesis is all digital and can print the complete package (including variable date/lot codes and serialization barcodes) right at the time of packaging. Using instantly cured UV inks, Genesis can print one or two colors or can be equipped to print full CMYK process color.

When used on intermittent packaging machines, Genesis can be used to print across the web during the dwell cycle and it can be configured to print in line with the web feed for continuous motion applications.

HP Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) Printing

Thanks to recent developments in ink technology, HP based inkjet heads are able to produce high quality printing on a range of packaging substrates such as films and foils.