Traversing Thermal Transfer Printer Docking Duo

The high speed Docking Duo is used to print high quality graphics and variable data in one color on horizontal form/fill/seal packaging machines. Two 5” printheads are used for coverage of up to 10” in a single pass (other configurations are available).

Unlike other printers that are permanently mounted to the packaging machine, the mobile Docking Duo Thermal Transfer Printer docks to the packaging machine and can be quickly and easily rolled in and out as needed.

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  • Applications

    Use it to print graphics and variable data

    • Product Identification
    • Bar codes
    • Ingredients
    • Nutritional facts
    • Net weights
    • “Sell by” dates
    • Traceability

    Can be installed to most horizontal packaging machines, for printing on the top or forming web.

  • Ideal for harsh cold or wet environments

    Docks and undocks in seconds move away for cleaning

    Prints during the packaging machine’s dwell cycle

    Reduces the high cost of transfer ribbon waste

    Prints multiple rows of packages in the X and Y axis

    300dpi print resolution

    Two 5” printheads for high speed coverage up to 10” in each pass