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Flexographic In-Line Printer BlackMax II

Greydon's BlackMax II is a state of the art, high quality flexographic printer for inline printing directly onto your package. It is the perfect solution to all your printing needs, from nutritional facts, scannable bar codes and total product information. The BMP retrofits onto all horizontal form fill and seal packaging machinery such as Tiromat, Multivac, Hooper, Mahaffey & Harder, Rapid Pak and Dixie.

The innovative design has resulted in the smallest foot print in the industry. This feature allows for preservation of valuable loading space and easy integration to your packaging machine. Additional printing systems and or accessories are easily accommodated as well due to the increased available space. The BlackMax II also offers the lowest cost per impression solution to your printing needs.

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  • Mag-Flex Print Plates

    The BlackMax II printer is equipped with a light weight PVC drum covered with Stainless steel. This allows for the use of our quick plate change photo polymer print plates mounted directly to MAG-FLEX. Plate changes take seconds and require no tools.

    Drive + System

    The BlackMax II drive and control system has been completely redesigned with all adjustments made at the front panel screen. The print drum, anilox and impression rolls are all electronically controlled eliminating the need for clutches and mechanical stops. The printer can be easily adjusted at the touch screen to match web speeds and eliminate stress on seals. The printer also easily adjusts to different substrate thicknesses - film, Tyvek or medical paper.

  • Control System

    The latest innovation is our redesigned ink control unit. Using the same principles as our MicroMax Printers we have made the ink fountain and anilox roll one complete unit for an easy fountain removal that can be done in less than 30 seconds. This allows the operator to clean and rinse the ink fountain and anilox roll in one easy step in a location away from the packaging machine. Additional ink units can be purchased for quick color changes as well as different anilox roll engravings for different substrates.

    As in all of our control units, the inks are being continually re-circulated and agitated by means of our heavy duty reversible peristaltic ink pump with controls on the front panel. In addition, this system features our bottle feed which allows for the optimum use of ink in 16 oz. units ensuring a continuous supply of fresh ink day in and day out.

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