Digital Printer Genesis-M

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Looking for a digital printer even more compact than the Genesis? Check out Genesis-M, with all the top features of the standard Genesis, just scaled down for compact applications. Not only is it more compact, but Genesis-M has a remote mounted HMI that provides additional mounting and integration capabilities. Also, ideal for customizing top web materials on narrow web packaging equipment.

Some Top Features:

  • XactCure™ system by Greydon monitors all the printing variables and keeps your
    process safe.
  • Windows driver, PostScript driver, CodeSoft integration and a wide range of supported file types and databases for graphics and print control.
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • All Stainless, Modular, Compact Footprint
  • Traversing configuration
  • Integrated into all types of HFFS and blister machines

Genesis-M is the complete solution for compact spaces with high quality accurately aligned printing with minimum disruption to parent machine operation.