Harsh Environments

Reliable and Durable Solutions for Printing Date Codes, Packaging Content, and Barcodes on Products and Packaging within Cold or Damp Environments

A lot of Greydon printing systems are used in the meat, poultry and other food industries, where conditions are often far from ideal.

Cold, damp environments and the need to wash down packaging equipment means that packaging and printing equipment needs to be designed tough enough to survive.

For customers that need this level of durability, Greydon offers “winterized” products, designed to work reliably in the most difficult environments.

Winterized products include:

Thermal Transfer Printers

Greydon’s traversing thermal transfer printer can be provided with a stainless steel enclosure and sealed electronics that allow the printer to be successfully operated in meat/poultry plants and others with a damp environment.

For extreme washdown environments, the printer can utilize Greydon’s docking station concept – the printer is mounted on a robust stainless steel frame that can be quickly disconnected and moved away from the washdown area.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Greydon’s HP based thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers can be supplied in winterized stainless steel enclosures designed to keep them safe in wet environments. In addition, sealed control enclosures make sure that the electronics are protected.

Ham TIJ Code
Thermal Inkjet Printers

Continuous Inkjet Printers

Our Citronix CIJ inkjet printers are rated at IP55 for damp environments and washdown protection. They are also available with IP65 to add additional protection from dust particles.

When inkjet printers are used with our traversing systems, the complete installation can be winterized and can also utilize our “docking station” concept so that the equipment can be easily moved from the area for when extreme washdowns take place.

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Continuous Inkjet Printers

Date Coders

Greydon's reciprocating coder daters are simple and easy to maintain, making them ideal for harsh environments. The GC220SS is designed with stainless steel construction - perfect for use in wet environments.

No matter how difficult your environment, we are likely to have a solution for you. This includes not only the Greydon products but also our ID Technology and EPI labeling systems and our laser, TTO and laser coding systems.

Code Dater GC 220 SS
Date Coders