Date Coding

Clear Date, Production, or Lot Code Printing for Products and Packaging Used in Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Packaging Machines (HFFS)

Many industries need to print date or lot codes onto products, in some cases in barcode as well as in text form. This can be a challenge when using multi-lane horizontal packaging machines since this variable information needs to be repeated across every package.

Using Greydon printers, this can be accomplished by either using multiple printers or by using a single printer that can be traversed across the width of the packaging film.

Greydon’s solutions for date coding range from simple reciprocating coders to traversing thermal transfer or UV inkjet printers.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Greydon’s HP based thermal inkjet (TIJ) printers can be supplied in winterized stainless steel enclosures designed to keep them safe in wet environments. In addition, sealed controls enclosures make sure that the electronics are protected.

Date coding eggs
Thermal Inkjet on egg package

Date Coders

For simple code dating, Greydon offers a range of reciprocating coders. These use ribbed type, for quick and easy set-up, along with a disposable ink cartridge. The low cost of these printers means that it can be economical to use multiple printheads when the print needs to be repeated across the web.

The coders can also be used with Greydon's traversing systems to allow for repeat printing in both the X and Y-axis.

Code Dater 1
Code Dater

CIJ Continuous Inkjet Coder

Of all the technologies to print date and other codes to products, CIJ is the most common. High-speed potential, low cost per print and low maintenance are some of the reasons for this.

Greydon uses Citronix CIJ printers that are well known as being the easiest to use in the industry. In addition, superb print quality and long periods between routine maintenance make Citronix printers a reliable all-around option.

For applications where multiple prints are needed to be positioned across the web, the Citronix printer can be used with Greydon's traversing system.

Able to print up to five lines of text, along with barcodes (both linear and 2D) and graphics, all Citronix printers are rated at IP54 for use in wet environments and an IP65 version is available for extra protection against dust.

Traverse citronix 170329 175851
Traverse Citronix

Thermal Transfer Printers

Greydon’s thermal transfer printer is able to traverse across the packaging film, printing on multiple packs in one pass. While the thermal printer is capable of printing a lot more than just date codes (thanks to being available with a 5-inch wide printhead, the thermal transfer printers can print the complete package, including nutritional and product info), it is often used for applications where the date codes have to be printed multiple times.

Printing during the dwell part of the parent machine cycle, the thermal transfer printer can be moved in the direction of web feed to be able to make more than one printer pass per cycle of the machine. Greydon’s innovative “split platen” system allows for up to six packages to be printed with date/lot codes at one time by a single print head.

The printer can be protected in an environmental stainless steel enclosure for use in harsh environments and for extreme conditions can be supplied mounting for our “docking station” system. This allows the complete printer to be moved away from the packaging areas for when high-pressure cleaning is used.

Docking Duo Thermal Printer 1
Docking Duo Thermal Printer