Our parts department provides immediate access to a complete inventory of replacement parts and printing accessories that are readily available to you.
      Ink Cartridges
Wet ink cartridges for reciprocating coders and HP Ink Jet printers.
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Flexographic Inks
Flexographic water and solvent based inks in a large variety of PMS colors as well as thinners, modifiers and cleaners.
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Rib Type
A complete range of font sizes and date sets for wet ink printers.
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  Printing Plates
Made of natural rubber or photopolymer material that are used in flexographic printing. 

Photopolymer plates are available in many thicknesses and can be used with water- and solvent-based inks. Cyrel plates are mounted to magnetic backing to allow quick change.

Rubber plates are also available for special apllications.

Sheet photopolymer plates are available in thicknesses ranging from .030" to .250". Sheet photopolymer plates are commonly regarded as the best quality plate available.
  Thermal Transfer Ribbons
Thermal transfer ribbon inks in a variety of colors.
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